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Pre sale BEEP base

The BEEP base is produced in batches. The production of the 2021 batch will commence in August, and the bases are ready for delivery in December this year. It is now possible to pre-order your BEEP base!

What is a BEEP base

The BEEP base v3.3 is an automatic measurement system that you place under the hive. The built-in scale, temperature sensor and microphone turn on every 15 minutes to measure the values and to send the information to the BEEP app through LoRa. The built-in PCB is the 'computer' that regulates the measurements and sends the data. Thus, with the ready-to-use BEEP base you always have insights in the status of your bees.  

Easy to install

The BEEP base comes with a user manual with the assembly steps of the stainless steel parts. In a few minutes you can assemble the base. Subsequently, you can configure the BEEP base with the BEEP base app (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth. In the online helpdesk you find a detailed step-by-step manual that guides you through the configuration. If you have any questions, you can ask our team who is happy to help. 

Wireless data transmission

The BEEP base collects data and sends it over the LoRa network to your BEEP app. You can access the data in the app on your phone, tablet or computer. There is a free LoRa network, called The Things Network (TTN). If TTN is not available at your apiary, you can install a gateway yourself to expand the network. There are also commercial LoRa providers that you could use, these differ per country. The LoRa frequency in the BEEP base V3.2 is compatible for the LoRa in Europe and Southern Africa. You can also directly collect the data with Bluetooth to the BEEP base app, and send it to the BEEP app. The base has 64 MB of memory, enough for two years of data storage.

A year of measurements with two AAA batteries

One of the unique features of the base, of which we are very proud, is the energy efficiency. When the base sends data every 15 minutes, the two AAA batteries will last a year. With a bigger interval, they can last even longer. That makes the BEEP base user friendly for the beekeeper.

Will my hive fit?

The BEEP base fits under all common hives like the Segeberger and Dadant. Smaller hives will always fit. New in the BEEP base V3.2 are the extendable legs. Even hives that are 51 cm broad, like the Dadant US, fit on top of the base. The base comes with clamps to attach it to the surface and to the hive. If you want, you can also belay the hive with a lashing strap (not included). Afraid for theft? Hide the base behind a self-made wooden border. Once you have registered your BEEP base in the app the base becomes unusable for others, unless you deregister it in your BEEP app.


The sensors (weight, temperature and sound) provide a range of possibilities for measurements on the hive. For example: how much stock do the bees collect, how much do they use, swarming, robbery, brood and the expansion and reduction thereof, flight activity. You can move the bases around multiple locations to compare the bees activities and availability of food per area. 

Benefit from research

The BEEP foundation participates in multiple researches. All BEEP users benefit from this. Based on the outcomes of the research, the BEEP platform is improved by (free) upgrades of the BEEP base and/or app. Also bases that are already in use benefit, since you can update the firmware with the BEEP base app. 

An example of current research is the interpretation of sound data, for example in a hive without a queen. Sound interpretation is very complex and thorough research helps to come to a reliable interpretation. At the moment you can look at raw, transformed (Fourier transform) data in the BEEP app. 

On the BEEP platform you can contribute to existing research by sharing your data, you have to explicitly consent for this, and set up your own research.

Open source

Another unique factor of the BEEP foundation is that she shares what she designs. This means that you can access the code and drawings and work on them yourself. For example, you can add more temperature or humidity sensors (up to 100), microphones (maximal two) and other sensors. Also, you can adjust the code and build new features in the app. By use of the API (Application Programming Interface), you can build your own data dashboard. 

Technische specs

  • dimensions BEEP base: 480x390x68mm
  • processor: nRF 52840 MHz ARM®️ CortexTM-M4
  • 64 MB flash memory enables the BEEP base to store two years of information. 
  • over the air firmware updates (BLE)
  • LoRa RFM95 868 MHz (EU) 
  • uFL SMT-antenna
  • 1Wire 1-5x sensor (DS18b20)
  • I2C screw terminals
  • 2 channel weight amp (HX711) screw terminals
  • audio ADC (92 dBA SNR) 
  • AGC with 3.5 mm jack input with 4 pins 
  • 2x AAA battery holder
  • a low power 3V regulator
  • unique hardware key IC
  • button to turn the BEEP base on/off
  • buzzer


We want the BEEP base to be affordable, therefore we produce in batches. The whole production process takes time (ordering parts, production, quality control, transport) and delivery will depend on the production process and availability of BEEP bases from previous batches. The base is delivered in sturdy packaging made from recycled material.

Note for customers outside the EU and Southern Africa: The LoRa chip in the BEEP base only complies with the LoRa frequency in Europe and Southern Africa. In other countries, you can collect the data with the BEEP base but you will need to go to the base to transfer the data to your BEEP app.

We ship to a variety of countries. Is your country not in the list of shipping options, please contact us and we will help you further.

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